Aesthetics and the Human Form

Aesthetics play an important role in our lives, and the best proof in this sense is that we do everything in our power to maintain ourselves young and healthy. If, in the past, this was quite difficult, because there were few resources and solutions available, things have changed a lot nowadays due to the numerous discoveries in medicine, biochemistry, biology and pharmacology.   

The Human Form in Art

The representation of the human form or human figure in art is the result of studying and interpreting the beauty of the human body. The body is studied in all its postures (sleeping, standing and sitting) and movements (dancing, running, walking, bending), its form being the one most artists try to recreate and emphasize.

Immanuel Kant referred to the human figure as the ideal of beauty. The human figure has always been one of the most popular themes in visual arts. In fact, most arts pay a special attention to the human body.

Some of these arts are:

  • Sculpture and painting, focusing on the form and expression of the body and figure;
  • Literature, using the body and figure to portray the psychological profile of the characters or praising their beauty in poetry;
  • Dance, blending the grace and dynamic of the human body with sound and music.

 Human Body and Beauty

As mentioned above, the outstanding progress, the development of innovative techniques and procedures allowing the remodeling of our bodies and faces have made beauty an attainable dream for more and more people. Every year, the demand for these procedures and techniques increases considerably. Recent statistics show that the industry of medical aesthetics has reached billions of dollars.

There are two main remodeling solutions available on the market nowadays: surgical and non-surgical. Most people go for non-surgical methods to maintain themselves young and healthy, while others choose the second option due to the visible and faster results it offers.

Facial Remodeling

The face is one of our greatest concerns as far as aesthetics are concerned, because it determines the impression we make on the people around us, it shows our age and it influences our self confidence.

Some of the most common solutions for facial remodeling include:

  • Cosmetic products;
  • Special techniques for cleaning and maintaining the skin (exfoliation and gumming lotions);
  • Chemical peeling;
  • Facial mesotherapy;
  • Mezobotox and mezolifting;
  • Erasing facial wrinkles with injections based on the botulinum toxin and fillers (endogenous fat, hyaluronic acid, etc.);
  • Facial reshaping techniques using low energy: radio frequency and light lasers.

Body Remodeling

Generally, these techniques are used for reducing fat deposits and cellulites, wrinkles and other skin problems. The most popular are:

  • Mesotherapy;
  • Dermabrasion (cosmetic dermabrasion and therapeutic dermabrasion).   

All these procedures and techniques have one main purpose: to help us look better. You may argue that looks is not everything, that it is the soul that matters, but the truth is that we leave in a world ruled by aesthetics, where everything that is beautiful sells.